Care Instructions

By following these instruction, and washing as infrequently as possible, heat treating with care and by not attempting to color this hair, you should enjoy these premium quality hair extensions for a long period of time.


  • Always use a moisture based shampoo and conditioner. Never a protein based. Any professional shampoo and conditioner for  curly hair is perfect.
  • Shampoo in a petting downward motion starting at the top of the hair extensions and sliding your hand down to the bottom.
  • Rinse and apply moisture based conditioner in the same manner as shampooing  and squeeze the hair so that the conditioner goes right through thoroughly. Comb without pulling by using a wide tooth comb. When the hair feels silky smooth, rinse thoroughly.
  • Pat dry. Do not rub towel into the hair.
  • Apply a thermal protector if you are going to blow dry/curl –  just like you would your own hair.