Easy Clip-on Instructions

1. Part your hair all the way around your head from just above your ear. Use your fingers as shown here. Fasten your hair to the top of your head with a hair tie or butterfly clip as seen in step three.



2. Optional for extra grip. Pick up a half centimeter section of your hair and tease it. Do this all the way around the back of your head.



3. Snap open clips. Place large extension around the back of your head. Push clips down into teased section. Start with center and snap clips to close. Release secured hair over the top.


Side Pieces:

Use the middle of your forehead as the guide. Part hair with your finger. Use the same steps as above to secure the small extensions. Snap clips 1cm back from your hairline. Repeat for both sides.

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Release Secured Hair to Reveal.7

Your Best Hair Ever!