Training and Support

Complimentary full training is provided for you and your staff. Learning the techniques is made easy by expert, highly qualified  hairstylists that know all there is to know about hair extensions. We will come out to your salon for training at a time that is convenient for you. We will provide you with comprehensive training so that you feel confident  to deal with even the most discerning client that walks through your door.

Instructional DVD

If you live outside the Melbourne Metropolitan area, a comprehensive yet super easy to learn from Instructional DVD is all that is required to train you or your team. With only a few simple steps to learn, you will be applying hair extensions like a pro – it’s that simple! By placing your order you can receive a complimentary Instructional DVD and offer this highly sought after service right away.

After sales support: Our technicians are available to answer your questions at any time. We know hairdressers work odd hours but you can feel confident that we are there to support you, no matter how early or how late it is. We pride ourselves on giving you the very best of service!